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PAYE Earners

The average tax refund from Revenue is €850

We have set out below a simple checklist for PAYE Earners

If you think you may be due a refund we can help you!

Always examine your tax credit cert and P60 to check your credits

At a minimum, you should be receiving €1,650 personal credit and €1,650 employee tax credit.

We reviewed a new client’s credits recently and discovered that they had been receiving the wrong personal tax credit since the mid 2000’s.  We could process a refund for the last 4 tax years, but the client lost out on what they were due for prior years.

Check if you are entitled to any of the following credits

  • Home carers
  • Flat rate expense allowance
  • Age tax credit for 65 and over
  • Incapacitated child credit
  • One parent family credit

Other tax claims and reliefs to be aware of

  • Medical expenses
  • Nursing home costs
  • Housekeeper allowance
  • Payments to pension schemes
  • Third level tuition fees
  • Fees for training courses
  • Permanent health insurance payments
  • Dental insurance payments
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