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Tax Advice

Tax Advice

  • Passing assets to your family / buying a house for your children
  • Passing wealth to the next generation
  • Taking advantage of gift and inheritance (capital acquisitions tax) reliefs
  • Moving from / to Ireland – understanding tax residency and domicile
  • Taking advantage of non-domicile statusAdvice on value added tax (VAT) for property transactions
  • Business start ups – tax registrations and compliance
  • Examining capital gains tax (CGT) exposure if selling property / shares
  • Tax efficient wills
  • Dealing with Revenue audits
  • Self-employed – business sales / retirement issues
  • Marital breakdown – tax implications
  • Tax efficient structures for repaying bank loans
  • Taxation of offshore funds
Tax Returns

Tax Returns

  • Income tax returns for PAYE employees with other sources of income or to claim credits / relief such as for pension contributions or medical expenses.
  • Income tax returns for the self-employed including business income statements
  • Rental accounts and income tax returns for rental properties
  • Corporation tax returns
  • Capital gains tax calculations and returns
  • Gift tax / inheritance tax calculations and returns
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll returns – P30s and P35s
  • Partnership returns – Form 1s
Rental Income Tax Returns

Rental Income Tax Returns

  • Rental accounts and income tax returns for rental properties
  • Claiming all available rental tax deductions
  • Rental accounts for both Irish and foreign properties
  • Irish returns for non-resident landlords
  • Tax registrations for non-resident landlords where required
Financial Advice

Financial Advice

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